French Soldier

O prennez misericorde ayez pitie de moi
Moi shall not serve, I will have forty Mois : for
I will fetch thy rhyme out of thy throat, in drops of
crimson blood.
Est il impossible d’ eschapper la force de ton bras.
Brass ? Cur ? thou damned and luxurious mountain goat, offerest me brass ?
. . . . Owy, cuppele gorge parmafoy peasant, unless
thou give me crowns brave crowns, or mangled shalt
thou be by this my sword.

O le vous supplie pour l’amour de Dieu : me
pardonner, le suis Gentil-homme de mon maison, guarde ma vit,
et le vous donneray deux cents escus.

What are his words?

Henry V Act IV Sc. iii

Single Post Card from the Shakespeare Cards Collection by First Folio Cards
Dimensions: 112 mm (4 1/2 ins ) x 160 mm (6 1/4 ins )
Printed onto textured card, blank on reverse.


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