Henry VI Battle

Henry VI
This battle fares like to the morning war,
When dying clouds contend, with growing light
What time the shepherd blowing of his nails,
Can neither call it perfect day, nor night.
Now sways it this way, like a mighty sea,
Forced by the tide, to combat with the wind
Now sways it that way, like the self same sea,
Forced to retire by fury of the wind.
Sometime, the flood prevails: and then the wind:
Now, one the better: then, another best;
Both tugging to be victors, breast to breast:
Yet neither conqueror, nor conquered.
So is the equal poise of this fell war.

King Henry VI       Act II Sc v

Single Post Card from the Shakespeare Cards Collection by First Folio Cards
Dimensions: 112 mm (4 1/2 ins ) x 160 mm (6 1/4 ins )
Printed onto textured card, blank on reverse.


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